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About the project

Joep Slagter strated his project Hermeubelen in 2012 during his study Industrial Design at the TU/e. His interest for crafts and sustainability drove him to experiment with re-using materials and in the period 2012-2014 he built 20+ pieces of furniture, experiments and lighting objects. Eventually the focus become more on lighting. With the “Tafellantaarn” Joep made a piece that was not only made from 70% recycled materials, but also was a valid option for a series production. Joep Slagter made 15-20 original “Tafellantaarns” for sale, display in shops and exhibitions. Production stopped in 2018, which was the end of Hermeubelen.

He is an overview of some Hermeubelen pieces.

2012 - 2018